Interview with The Informer
Conducted by: RCW Staff on 02/17/2003

Turning the Tables: RCWOnline goes "One-on-One" with The Informer

For roughly five years now, The Informer has interviewed some of the top superstars in the wrestling business, as well as acted as the resident behind the scenes "snoop" for several wrestling websites, including our own After years of hiding in the shadows to get the dirt on the wrestling world, The Informer finally made his first public appearance at RCW:The Gathering in November 2002...and with his arrival, ended nearly a half decade of secrecy...or did he?

Now that The Informer has made his identity known to everyone, what does that mean to his career as a behind the scenes reporter? Was his appearance at The Gathering a one time only thing, or will we see him back in the RCW? More importantly, if he plans to stay in the lime-light for a while..what are his plans? Earlier this week, we here at RCWOnline got the chance to set down with The Informer to answer these questions...and more!

RCW: First off, Informer, I'd like to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to set down with us.

Informer: problem, man. Let's just make this quick...I'm working on a big story as we speak.

RCW: How's it feel to be in this side of the interview table?

Informer: I gotta tell you, it's a little odd. I'm normally the one asking the questions...and that way I usually know what to expect. But it's all good, 'cause if you throw any swerves at me...I'll just split your head like a watermelon.

RCW: need for violence here...I'm just doing my job. I guess the question on everyone's mind right now is, why did you decide to finally come out of the shadows and make your identity known to the world?

Informer: It's like this. I been friends with The Mastermind for a lot of years. He's been the only one that knew The Informer's true identity all this time...and at The Gathering, he asked me to watch his back. He knew those damn Outlawz were gonna try something...which they did...and he just wanted to make sure that he didn't get punked out. What was I gonna do...say no?

RCW: I see. So is it safe to say that The Mastermind is the one that got you into the business, and more importantly, brought you to the RCW?

Informer: Sure. When he was kickin' it back in his old federation, he asked me to come in and help him get the dirt on the people you were trying to undermine his authority. As a cover for my "covert" activities there, he gave me a job as the official news reporter for the federation...and well, I ended up fronting out several of the "boyz" and finding out some pretty juicy dirt about what all was going on there. When The 'Mind made the jump to RCW, it was a no-brainer...I was coming here too. Think about it...with everything that's been going on behind the scenes here...where else would I have went?

RCW: You said that you fronted out a few of the boys...does it bother you that now that they know who you are, they may come after you?

Informer: Do I look worried?

RCW: No..but I just meant that some of these guys can get a little....

Informer: Yeah, yeah...I know. They can get a little violent, mean, unruly...yadda, yadda, yadda. Big deal! I never backed down from a fight in my life...and I sure as hell ain't going to start now. Bring it on! I can handle myself...and if I can't...well, I might just have a little back up.

RCW: That brings me to my next question. There has been a rumor that you may have bought the contract for one of the RCW superstars. Any truth to that?

Informer: Do you even read what I post on the website, you moron? It's not a's a fact. I have purchased the contract of one of the top superstars here in RCW, and I will be at ringside with him at RCW: Hail to The King. Don't think of me as a "manager" though...I'm going to be more of an "advisor" than a manager. I'll be working with this superstar not only in the RCW...but also advising him in his other business ventures.

RCW: Can you tell us who it is?

Informer: Sure I could. I'm not going to...but I could. Let's just say that he may just be the most popular superstar here in RCW.

(Informer's cell phone rings.)

Informer: Perfect timing. I gotta take this...hang on. (Talking into the phone): No, I told you 6 bottles of Cristal and 3 bottles of Courvoisier. Yeah, that's right...we're gonna need 'em for the victory celebration. Of course he's going all the way...look at who he's up against.

Informer: Sorry about that. It's hard to get a good personal assistant these days. If she (pointing to the phone) wasn't so damn hot, I would have fired her days ago.

RCW: It's ok. I heard you tell her (his assistant) that "he's going all the way". Does that mean that you've bought the contract to someone that's in the championship tournament?

Informer: Man, you just don't give up do you? I gotta respect that...that's the same way that I am when I'm doing an interview. You know the difference in me and you though?

RCW: What's that?

Informer: I always get the answers that I want...and you,'re just gonna get hurt if you keep asking me the same thing over and over again.

RCW: Point well taken. Ok, so you also work as a reporter & columnist for What is your involve...

(Informer's cell phone rings...again!)

Informer: (Rolling his eyes and talking into the phone) You gotta be kidding? And it's confirmed...they really are going to show up at Hail to The King? Ooooooooh (expletive deleted), man...that could be the story of the year. Yeah, meet me at the office in like five minutes...and bring a camera.

Informer: (Getting up out of his seat) Look bro, I know interviewing me is probably going to be the highspot of your life...but I gotta go. Two "former" superstars were just spotted at Damon's having lunch with Dirk Extreme...and it appears that they were signing contracts. Man, people aren't gonna believe this...this is gonna be huge!

RCW: I understand. Well, thank you very much for your time. You answered all of the burning questions that the fans have been wondering about. Well, at least a couple of the questions. (Long pause, reading over my notes) Hey, wait a avoided just about everything that I asked you.

Informer: (Walking out the door as he speaks) Hmmmm...guess I did. Later, bro.

Well fans, as you can see, The Informer's streak of keeping secrets is still intact. One interesting side-note though. As The Informer left the office, he dropped a yellow slip of paper on the floor. After further examination, we realized that it was a parking ticket...from Hollywood, California. Makes you wonder...what was The Informer doing in Hollywood? Could it be that he was down there scouting talent? Hopefully we will find out tonight, right here at RCW: Hail to The King!

Editors Note: This interview was conducted prior to RCW: Hail to the King, and an abbreviated version appeared in the official program at the event. At RCW:Hail to the King it was revealed that The Informer has purchased the contract of "Too Fine" Jason Taylor and will be acting as his "agent" as of this time.