The G-Spot - The Summer of Ace
Column by: Ace Gigilo on 05/15/2004

So, after lackluster attempts by other so-called "superstars" here
>in RCW, the Board is finally getting off their double wide asses in
>making a decision about the RCW Internet Championship. Finally! The
>announcement that yours truly has been waiting for! For you see, that
>very title will bring about the highly anticipated, "Summer of Ace"!
>(Not to be confused with Summer of Ass)
> Now, you may be saying, "how is that possible Ace? What the hell are
>you mumbling about now"? Let me spell it out for you so that even
>Beautiful Bobby L fans can understand. That mine! It's
>custom made for me. It's calling to me. It is my destiny. I mean, come
>on, who better to represent RCW on the WORLD WIDE WEB then the most
>awesome superstar on the roster? Damn right! Now all my fans in
>Amsterdam, Finland, Sydney and even Lebanon can see me any time, day or
>night, kicking ass on! It's what the people want. You
>don't send some douche-bag out there, slap a belt on them and expect
>people to want to see their matches! Me? I'm douche free! I'm always
>fresh baby!
> So, let's see, we have this battle royal coming up on May 10th? The
>one that will determine the NEW Internet Champ? Well, you bet your
>not-as-sweet-as-mine ass that Ace will be in the mix. I don't give a
>damn who else is in it either. Max, Trik, Bobby, any member of
>Excalibur....doesn't matter. Even if it's my own tag partner and #1 fan,
>Tyson Rogers. If I have to dump his ample ass over the top rope to get
>MY belt, I will. It's business Heavy T, not personal. Bring on the pros,
>bring on the trainees, bring on the tranys...wait, no tranys
>please...well, Bobby is close to a transvestite I guess. Hey, to each
>there own I say.
> The point to all of this is, I will achieve my destiny in just a
>few short days. I will claim my first RCW title and spend the rest of
>the, the rest of the YEAR, defending it against anyone and
>everyone. Every week? Every 2 weeks? Doesn't matter. Say hello to your
>NEW RCW Internet Champion! I'm awesome!
>Ace out.....