The G-Spot - Internet Title? Where?!
Column by: Ace Gigilo on 11/09/2003

You know, I was checking the rankings here on RCWOnline and had to laugh. Why you ask? Well, I was looking at the Internet Title rankings. No, I wasn't laughing at the guys in the rankings(well, I was laughing at the Lords) but I was laughing because I have yet to see a title defense! What the f*ck?! I'm ranked #4, and rightfully so, but where's MY shot? Hell, where's anyone's shot?! Is it politics? Is it fear? Someone tell me what it is!

Well, I can answer my own questions I guess. It's not too hard to figure out. The blame all falls on the Comissioner and even the (shudder) Phoenix! The title has yet to be defended online! Well, far be it for me to do your job commish, but I say you need to ENFORCE the 30 day title defense clause. It should still apply to the Internet Champ! Hey, it's not just for my own selfish benefit, but for the fans! They ask me time and again, "when are we gonna see a title defense?!" Hell, don't ask me!!! I just work here! They want to see me get my shot and see me win the damn thing! Then you'll see title defenses all the f'n time! Step right up and get your ass kicked! That'll be my motto!

So, commish, Phoenix, whomever, get off your asses and enforce the Internet Title defenses! You wanna stick me in a hardcore match? Fine! You wanna make me earn my way to the top, beating guys senseless week after week just to get my shot? Fine! Bring it alllll on. I fear no one in RCW. My sights are set squarely on that belt and I will not stop til I get it! If I gotta take matters into my own hands, I will! Just remember, you brought this on yourselves!

Ace Gigolo

-Your women are in good hands....mine!