The G-Spot - I Like Testicles....
Column by: Ace Gigilo on 01/03/2003

(Originally posted November 11, 2002)

Never thought I'd say that. No, it's not what you think. I like the new Test gimmick! Considering the guy probably has nuts the size of raisins after all the juice he's taken, it's funny to hear him say he "loves his testicles", too! If you think about it, what else could they have done with the guy? I've never been a fan of his to begin with. Then they team him with Albert? Man, who did he piss off? But, that was then, this is now. He's now in the unfortunate position of being paired up with Stacey Keibler! Poor guy. If I was seen with her by my side each and every week on tv, I'd brag about my testicles too! In case you don't know, they are a couple behind the scenes as well. Don't be surprised if you see Testicle shirts all over Raw and Smackdown. Testicle-mania running wild! Now, the real question is, do you prefer the long-haired Testicles OR the short-haired Testicles?

Big Poppa Pump. Three words that strike fear in the hearts of men. Why? Well, if you're a wrestler, it's because of his track record. Many "jobbers" have been seriously injured at the hands of the Genetic Freak. His tantrums backstage are pretty well known and he has been known to lose it in the ring. All of that aside, I for one am looking forward to his return. The WWE needs some fresh name talent right now. If Steiner keeps his cool and plays nice, it'll be a good thing. I'd like to see Steiner/Angle, Steiner/Benoit, Steiner/HHH, wouldn't you? Now, where to put him? Well, I say Raw. Raw needs him. I know HHH is heel numero-uno on Raw but there's room for Scott. Raw needs the ratings and Raw needs the talent. Now I know, you're saying,"but they have Maven now"! That may be true, but Maven sucks. Only Dirk Extreme likes Maven. Anyway, I personally hope to see Big Poppa on Raw soon.

Well, I guess that's all I have for now. I'll be back soon. Until then, don't worry about your wives or girlfriends, they're in good hands....mine.