Extreme Point of View - Issue #3
Column by: Dirk Extreme on 08/07/2003

Isn’t it funny how things can change at the drop of a hat? Personal feelings change, fences are mended, bridges rebuilt. Randy “the King” Allen and Dirk Extreme the RCW World Tagteam Champions. I can’t tell you how good it feels to finally have GOLD around my waist. You see Kingfish showed me the light. The way of the wise. You fans….are DEAD to me. The fans have cost me matches. The fans have cost me integrity. AND the fans have cost me gold. The “fans” can kiss my ass straight to HELL ‘cause Dirk Extreme has found it impossible to appease you ingrates. Instead, I have found that I get a bigger rush from the gold and almighty dollar than I ever got from your cheers. With that out of the way, let’s move on.

The way I see it, when Chris Smith and Jay Vastine left RCW it was like a cancer going into remission. Now, once again we are plagued by a terminal disease known as The Outlawz. For once, it seems like Chris is relatively quiet about his RCW return while the “Notorious Idiot” Jay Vastine shows his ignorance everyday on the FAN FORUM. If you girls want a shot at these belts, you’re going to have to step to the end of the line. Hell, you’ll both probably tuck your tails and quit RCW again anyway so I really don’t see what all the fuss is about.

Remember at the beginning of this GREAT column when I spoke of feelings changing, fences mending, and bridges being rebuilt…….well NONE of that holds true with that piece of white trash, Andy Runyon and myself.I hate that “man” more than anything in the world. I even use the term “man” loosely when speaking of him. That’s a bridge that I burnt to the ground beyond repair when I left the SWF. Just so you people can see the hatred that I have for this man I’m going to show you something special. Here’s my resignation from the SWF after I got screwed over there for the last time....

“First off let me start off by clearing a few things up. No matter what you say Andy I did tell you. Thursday when we were standing inside I told you I was planning on wearing the God -awful pink and black tights and getting on the mic and declaring that I wanted to be a team with Dude....The Extreme Rockers. The Extreme Rockers was an idea that I wasn't even really into but I understood the tagteam dilema and was doing for the better of the company. As always when I'm talking to you, you half hear me and half ignore me. You then said fine, " Do whatever you guys want" that comment was made again before the match. I showed you the rip away pants. I showed you the pink tights. I thought you were clear but evidently you've taken too many chairshots to understand. You're a man, and I use that term very lightly, full of empty promises and bullshit. There were 23 people that I know of who paid to come and see me at the last Cherokee show. I know they will not be back. I show up to trainings and bust my ass to try to improve. I like to think that I have improved a little over this last year. By no means do I think I'm better than anybody in that ring. I wouldn't even call myself a good worker, but dammit I have tried. I have always helped out after the shows and been one of the last to leave...and for what. I would like to think that I have treated all you guys good. I feel like I can call alot of you friends and you know who you are. I would like to say to Vern, Tank, Jason, Dude, Erin, Trik, Randy, Steve ,and Whitey I wish nothing but the best for you guys and hope to cross paths with you down the road and I really hope you guys feel the same. I could've made a scene and left through the crowd and I could've posted this on the fan club but I respect what the rest of you guys are trying to create but just let me say that it will never happen with a mother f***er who only cares about himself getting over and is too f***ing lazy to edit a show and get it to the cable company, but hey he's quick to take the mic out of someone's hand!!! When I say that I will Never work for the Cocksucker again, I do mean Never. Take care you guys and I hope none of you except for one hold anything against me. I just say what I feel.

Be Safe,


As you can see there is no love lost between us. I vowed to start a company that would destroy the SWF. Some would say that the SWF was going to shut down regardless. I know different. I prefer to think the truth is RCW were the nails in the coffin of the SWF corpse and Dirk Extreme hammered them in one at a time. Heed this warning Andy Runyon, “you will never get your hands on me. NEVER.” I may not be able to undo what Vern, aka The Mastermind, has done but I will guarantee you that you will never look across that ring and see this face as your opponent. I wouldn’t give you the satisfaction of facing me. I mean the end result would be the biggest disappointment of your pathetic life. I also don’t want to go to jail for what I might do to you. I’ve got an ACE up my sleeve where you are concerned. So, for now we will coexist in RCW........FOR NOW.