Extreme Point of View - Issue #2
Column by: Dirk Extreme on 07/14/2003

Here we go again. After hearing about some TRASH that was being said on the “others” website, I couldn’t bite my tongue any longer. The only reason no one ever responded to Chris’s comments was because quite frankly we are sick of them. Sick of hearing the lies. BUT sometimes people know how to push thy buttons, so here we go. This column is MY VIEW and is not by any means the view of anyone else in RCW. Now that’s out of the way, let’s move on and then hopefully MOVE ON for good.

On the competitors website, a column supposedly telling all about this company. Allow me to break down the column

SMITH: It has never been stated in my Column that RCW was trying to stop us. I simply wrote " while some people have attempted to roadblock us from having our event" Who said I was talking about RCW??? guilty consicience?

MY REPLY: No guilty conscience here Chris. THE FACT is people are not stupid. You insinuated it so don’t play games. Give us and the fans a little more credit. Not only in your column but especially in the newz and rumors which is mainly what was being talked about.

COLUMN: “ A call was placed last week from a member of the competition to the home of RCW’s Vile. Competition left a message….Vile never returned the call.”

FACT: This statement is simply NOT TRUE. OTH is not interested in Vile at this time. It is nothing personal, we just do not have any position for him. The way I see it, he would be better utilized in RCW. From my understanding nobody from the company OFF THE HOOK WRESTLING has called Vile about working any of our events. We invite RCW to make this “phone message” available for download to all fans if it did indeed take place. At the very least, openly state the individual who made this supposed call.

MY REPLY: This statement was entirely true. Evidently you don’t know everything that goes on “behind the scenes” of the hook. Not only was a call placed to Vile’s house, but when I was offered a position at OTH a list of individuals was given to me that OTH wanted to use from RCW. That list included THE GREEN MACHINE himself. And also let it be known that the last 24 hours before your debut show, OTH members were SCRAMBLING to get an RCW member to “jump ship”. You guys tried harassing certain individuals, calling them numerous times….but to no avail. There is such a thing as LOYALTY which I knew you never understood.

COLUMN: “A similar call was placed by a former “SWF BIGWIG”, now with the competition, to RCW Superstar Randy “The King” Allen. This person tried to get Allen to “jump ship”, promising to make him a star. How did “The King” respond to this....”I’m already a STAR”. CLICK!

FACT: Off the Hook did indeed place a call to Randy “The King” Allen inviting him to be a part of the show. He was not promised to be made a big star , he was told that if he was interested, we would make a position available. Also, Randy did say he was interested. After discussion OTH decided not to persue it at this time. RCW can offer Randy Allen what he is looking for at this time. RCW has a better position for him at this time. Randy Allen is someone whom I consider a very good friend in the business, and I am hopeful that we will meet again.

MY REPLY: HE said , she(Chris) said bull.The truth here has already been stated by a couple people and it’s not you.

COLUMN: “The Truth as we know it: The competition has pursued RCW talent. It seems that their intentions of doing so are of a desperate, malicious nature.”

FACT: Of course OTH has been persuing some of the talent that RCW uses. There is limited talent in the area. Besides if this is so “malicious” and RCW wouldn’t so that type of thing, how did they get there talent pool from SWF? Magic? While some of those guys volunteered (the Outlawz) to leave…not everyone was running out the door.

MY REPLY: See you finally admit to what we were getting at. It was stated in a column on YOUR website that RCW members were pursuing OTH. Now the truth is revealed. THANK YOU. I can’t say I blame you either.

COLUMN:” It has also been documented that Dirk Extreme and The Mastermind were also invited to join this foray of individuals that they now call SEVEN. They two both respectfully declined.”

FACT: This is true It only further demonstrates that OTH was not and is not out for this imaginary WAR that is being created.

MY REPLY: Imaginary war? HMMM. Let’s see…I just pinched myself and I’m not dreaming.

COLUMN: “Doom told us why make money for the competition”

FACT: Part of this is true. When we were discussing how to keep a working relationship with RCW. It was stated “ Why make money for the compitetion?” and I agree. Why the hell would I make money for the comptetion???? I am not just a worker in this company, I am a part owner. I have decided that after the way situations were handled in RCW that a part owner, in good business mind, should not work for the competition.When Pepsi decides to put it’s logo on Coke cans to help them out, maybe I’ll understand.

MY REPLY: Have it your way. Don’t blame you for leaving….just the way you did.

COLUMN: “The competition has frowned upon it’s talent expressing interest in working for RCW” (Also in same Column)“Before signing Trik Nasty for the Extreme Division, Trik asked Dirk and RCW if they had a problem with him working for the competition. RCW said “Go for it”.

FACT: An example of contridiction. If OTH would not allow it’s workers to work in RCW…why would Trik be on our show and then back on yours following?

MY REPLY: And I (me and me alone) felt like you guys held TRIK back at your show because of his affiliation. But that’s me.

COLUMN: “Look at how the competition reacted after RCW’s Injection show. Pretending to be fans and criticizing a show they were not even at. SAD.”

FACT: The truth is there were a couple of OTH workers at the event. Dirk even spoke with them.

MY REPLY: NOT the one who was posting s**t. He hid like a coward and you know this to be true.

COLUMN: ” They are even using RCW footage on their website. Is that right?? Hell no. Dirk has expressed concern over this with Chris Smith, the site designer, and has been told that they know the guy who shot it and he says they can use it. I have been informed that there is a law that states just because someone shoots some video footage that that footage may not belong to that individual. Now Dirk and RCW are talking with a lawyer to see what can be done about not only getting the footage removed but about getting compensated for the money lost for the misrepresentation of the video.”

FACT: A few weeks earlier Dirk sent me an email asking me to alter part of my Livewire report due to statement that could be considered false. After contemplating it, I decided that I would amend it to make it more factual. As I have always said I will not knowingly post anything that I believe to be false. He pointed out that fact and I changed it, no problem. He did ask me to remove the footage from this site. I decided to check with my personal lawyer on this matter. RCW has NO paperwork stating the following:

MY REPLY: Any moron can see that is not right. Kinda goes along the lines of your COKE and PEPSI statement

COLUMN: “I’m sure this is only the beginning because things are about to get RELENTLESS."

FACT: Sounds to me like RCW is the group wanting a war.

MY REPLY: You are too funny sometimes. I don’t see us on your board talking smack. I don’t even read the trash half of the time. I just get to hear about it. I don’t see us mentioning OTH on our shows. BUT HELL I EVEN GOT MENTIONED AT YOUR DEBUT EVENT. People are not dumb. I’m sure they can see that. First you guys tease that someone is jumping (big surprise, no one does), then you decide… lets throw an obscene remark about DIRK out there. In my eyes it all backfired, BIG TIME.

And this I’m referring directly to your column by SEVEN (or SIX as it now seems, BTW why don’t you tell the fans about that): Your name in our mouths all of the time. Seems like the opposite to me. In fact that is one of the reasons no replies were given to Chris’s comments. Sick of you guys goading us into mentioning you. Well to me it looks like RCW gets way more publicity from you guys. Thanks for the mention at your show. Dumbass. NOW THE FACTS...

COLUMN: “Why does the competition accuse RCW of all these dastardly deeds? The answer is a simple one. Publicity. They are trying to goad RCW into a war of sorts so that our fans become interested in their product.”

FACT: Where has RCW been accused of any “Dasterdly Deeds”? Except in their own columns? I did not write this to start anything, but to defend a company being wrongly portrayed. I have stated before that I wish RCW the best of luck. I hope this clears some things up for some of you. As stated by there OWN column...OTH was in favor of working with RCW by attempting to get Dirk and Mind to collaborate. It now seems that RCW feels threatened and are attempting to sway the opinons of there fans to not attend our event. OTH wants NOTHING to do with a WAR that they keep mentioning. We are focused on bringing our product to the area and having a great time with the fans that attend.

MY REPLY: Typical BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. See above.


The TV commercials have been running like crazy and EVERYONE is jacked about TAGTEAM GENESIS. This Friday is going to mark history in the wrestling independent scene and I promise you will kick yourself if you miss it. RCW will step it up a notch and show the nay-sayers just who is numero uno. Some new faces will be in the house. We have The FREAKSHOW and THE ANGRY BLACK MEN coming in for the tag tourney and some old faces as well. Come find out what the GENESIS is about. The OLD 17th ST. Armory, right across from SUNSET LANES, in PORTSMOUTH Don’t forget to join the after party at SUNSET LANES. It’s going to be the place to be. The first 50 people in the door at SUNSET LANES for the after party will receive a free souvenir from RCW. After Party begins immediately after the show and goes to whenever we decide to leave. If everyone isn’t talking about RCW TAGTEAM GENESIS after this then I will resign as Co-Commissioner. You heard me, I will say goodbye to my level of power if people are not in a state of over excitement.

See ya all there,

Dirk Extreme