Extreme Point of View - Issue #1
Column by: Dirk Extreme on 06/22/2003

Iím finally getting around to writing my first column for RCW. I will not sit here and write garbage and expect you to read it. This column will be MY VIEW and is not by any means the view of anyone else in RCW. Now thatís out of the way, letís move on.


RCWís debut show. Started a little slow but quickly picked up and had the fans screaming for more. An impressive start I believe but still one could see that much work had to be done.


RCWís first shot at Portsmouth. In retrospect, I see the mistakes made. We were not ready to run a show quite like that. We should have got a few shows under our belt and got the product running like a well-oiled machine. I feel like I listened to the wrong people and now see that I was used. Used to bring Jerry Lawler in and make others, who were out for themselves, look good. Thatís the way I see it but you live and learn. I felt really disappointed with the show and with myself. Not only did I feel the show was below my expectations but my performance was no exception. When running to do the legdrop I felt a agonizing shot of pain run through my ankle. It felt like someone shot me. At first I thought it was broke, but later found out that I had just planted wrong and all of the ligaments had torn. The Doctors I have talked to said it would have been better if it was broke. Now I will always have problems with that ankle. I must always wear a brace under my boot now for support. The late start that night pissed a lot of people off but could not be avoided. The only good thing that came out of that night was everyone got to meet ďThe KingĒ and get everything signed. He was a true professional in that respect and I am in debt to him (actually I think Iím $paid$ up, lol) for leaving a good impression in the fanís minds. A couple matches stood out but the card was no where near as good as the debut in West Union.


You have no idea how many times this card was changed. People were in then they were out. Days, less than 2 to be exact, The Outlawz drop out of RCW and all of our future plans have to be rethought. Injection was time for others who wanted to step up to do so and I think we seen that happen. Did we have a monster crowd? No. Was the crowd into it? You better believe it. The Agricultural Building seemed like it was 500 strong if you listened to the crowd. We had a couple matches that were duds in my opinion but the level had been raised and we all new it that night. We knew that we had done something special with that Extreme Division match. When you are out there and feel the magic, then you know. I felt like we were learning from our mistakes, becoming a little more comfortable in our corporate skin. What lies in front of RCW now?


Dregen may be out, but I think the fans and some of the wrestlers will benefit in the end. There is that chance for other workers to take the spotlight and run with the ball. RCW is about giving everyone their chance to shine. Iím hearing from the Board of Directors what is in store for this night of action and I keep going ďWOW, that sounds good!Ē. I really think we are ready to break through. Trik Nasty is the epitome of the Extreme Division and it is great to have him on board. Randy Allen is one of the most under-appreciated stars out there in my opinion. Vile is a big man who gets better every day. We are growing, make no doubt about it. RCW is a locomotive that is finally building to a pace that we can all be proud of. At Independence Blast you will see a machine with heart.


RCW is no longer the ď1 event every 3 months organizationĒ. Friday, July 18, 2003 come experience TAGTEAM GENESIS. This event will mark our first RCW World Tagteam Champions. Itís shaping up to be quite an event and Iím sure you will be hearing more about this as the days pass. GENESIS will be held at the old Portsmouth Armory on 17th Street. Keep checking the main page for ticket and event information. Other events are also planned so keep checking because RCW is ready for a REVOLUTION.

Thanks for reading,

Dirk Extreme